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Do you have a story to share?

Are you in Africa, and have a story to tell?  

Miracles Indeed Happen!

We look back over 2015 with thankful hearts to the Lord. It has been a good year in Sub-Saharan Africa for the Moringa Tree.

This Miracle Tree has surely lived up to its name. Many communities have transformed because they have discovered this precious treasure. Once they knew almost nothing about it, even though it was growing near them. We thank God for opening eyes to see this wonderful gift he has given. A gift that brings healing to nations and food for the hungry.

In this post I will share those transformation stories, as well as the hopes and aspirations for 2016.  We invited members of the Moringa Connections Group on Facebook to share their stories.  This is the outline we have given, and what you will see in the posts:


INTRODUCTION: Introduce your organisation, your objectives, vision and mission.
1. BEFORE MORINGA (What was the situation like in your area before moringa?)
2. DISCOVERING MORINGA (How did you discover moringa?)
3. INTRODUCING MORINGA (How did you introduce moringa, and what were the challenges?)
4. YOUR MORINGA PROJECT (What are you doing with moringa? Your projects?)
5. AFTER MORINGA (What are the results that you've witnessed?)
6. FUTURE MORINGA (What are your plans for the future?)

Come with me for this trip around Africa. We’ll look at one country at a time.  Click on an image to learn more.

Malawi Moringa Project – Miracles in Malawi

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THE MISSION We are thankful to God for the wonderful gift of moringa, which he has planted under our noses.  He has given us the answer to the health and well being of our people, and He opened our eyes … Read More

Moringa Zambia – Planting a Future

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THE MISSION Planting a Future is a Non Profit Organisation with an objective of raising fruit trees seedlings for impoverished households and schools around our village.  We intend to embark on a moringa project where we give seedlings to farmers … Read More