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Moringa Leaves – Many Health Benefits and How to Use

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We Love this Amazing Leaf

For centuries, civilisations around the world had discovered the numerous health benefits of the leaves of the Moringa tree.  It was given names like the Miracle Tree and the Tree of Life, and moringa leaves were used in treating over 300 diseases.  

But it is only recently that modern science has discovered moringa as being the most nutrient dense plant on earth.  Scientists have identified over 90 different nutrients, 46 different antioxidants, and 8 essential amino acids.  That explains why it had been so beneficial for treating so many ailments.

In this article we aim to share with you those many benefits, backed up with the scientific research.  (Click on the links under "What are the Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves?")

How Does Moringa Work?

We know that to have a healthy body we must make healthy food choices.  If our diets are lacking, we may take health supplements to boost our immune systems.  

Well, that is exactly what moringa is - nature’s own health supplement in a leaf.  Moringa leaves, both fresh and dried, will give your immune system the health boost it needs to fight and prevent disease.  It works by giving the body the right nutrients so it can heal itself.

Who Can Benefit from Moringa Leaf?

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  • The hungry and malnourished in developing countries:  Being drought resistance and growing when other plants have died, Moringa is playing a major role in many developing countries in combating malnutrition, with amazing results.  Research paper here - about how moringa leaf powder was used to help severely malnourished children.
  • The obese and overweight:  Moringa leaves aid in digestion and convert food to energy rather than storing it as fat.  Research paper here - anti-obesity activity of Moringa oleifera.
  • Athletes and Sportspeople:  Super-fit athletes need a super-energy boost, and Moringa does just that.  Pure sustainable energy source without sugar.
  • Nursing Mothers:  In West Africa, nursing mothers are fed dried moringa leaves to increase their milk supply.  The results are astounding.  Babies who had been so severely malnourished now thrive and glow with health..
  • The Elderly: Many elderly become malnourished because they don’t eat properly.  Moringa leaves can give them all the nourishment they need.
  • Children and Teenagers: Growing bodies need good nutrition for strong bones and for sustained energy.
  • The Convalescing and those recovering from illness:  The high nutrients in moringa leaves can speed up the recovery process.
  • Everyone for Good Health:  For general good health and well-being, moringa is like a natural multivitamin in a plant.  Why spend money on expensive health supplements when moringa can do the same thing?

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What are the Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves?

How to Use or Take Moringa Leaves

  • Fresh moringa leaves - If you live in a warm climate, you may be able to grow your own moringa tree.  Then you have fresh moringa leaves at your door.  Add the fresh leaves to cooking.  Use in recipes instead of spinach.  New leaves in salad is very tasty and make a lovely garnish.  Also as a tea, add fresh leaves to your teapot.
  • Dried leaves - Add dried leaves to your teapot.  Drink moringa tea on its own or mixed with your favourite teas, herbs and spices.  Add the dried leaves to cooking as your would with fresh leaves, except that you add less dried leaves than fresh leaves.
  • Dried leaf powder - Add to smoothies, mix in cooking, take is straight in water or honey.  Word of warning:  as moringa powder is very potent in nutrients and has a purging effect on the body, it is recommended to start with a small dose (e.g., ¼ teaspoon) and gradually increase the dose to 1-2 teaspoons a day once your body gets accustomed to it.
  • Leaf powder capsules -  Capsules are an easy way to take moringa powder.  Follow the directions on the packaging.
  • Leaf extract - Some suppliers have moringa leaf in extract form, an easy way to get moringa benefits.


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