Jerry’s Moringa Story

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Here’s to anyone who cares about their own self, their bodies, their life, the lives of their children, and the lives of their animals that you take ownership of.

I’m Jerry.  I’m not a writer or a storyteller.  In fact I’ve never even done a testimonial like this. I’m just here to let you know that Moringa can change your life. It has changed mine.

Moringa is a powerful GREEN food source.

Back in 2008, a guy I met (Richard), who is now a friend, was spreading this green stuff all over his salad.  Weird I thought, as I was sipping my rum and coke down in Nicaragua.  As I already had a nice established place in the countryside just down the road, I didn’t refuse when he told me that he would find me some seeds and i could grow my own trees. Richard says, “Try not to lie too hard and really tell me how much GREEN you eat every day.”  K, well he had my attention.  

Of course all parties must come to an end and I went home that night. Next day I’m on the computer to see if this guy I met last night was some nut case or is this Moringa tree for real.

A week later Richard shows up with a dozen weird looking seeds.  Of the 12 seeds I grew in front of my house 6 grew to be nice big trees. The other 6 my dogs destroyed.  These 6 surviving trees just keep growing continuously. They’re like at least 12 inches in diameter. We cut them down and they just keep coming back. These 6 trees are like part of of family now. They’re there for life.

A lot has been learned since we planted those trees. First off, after the first month, I think they were about 3 to 4 feet tall. I decided it was time to start consuming moringa leaves. It was a bit strange eating raw green leaves like a cow, but my friend got my attention when he talked about eating raw green food. I also knew from my younger years growing up on a dairy farm, how in the springtime when the cows eat the fresh green grass their milk production went way up.

There was one more thing that changed when the cows eat the fresh grass. Their stool becomes loose. Like they become unconstipated from all the dry hay they eat all winter long. I will never forget the first day I ate 2 to 3 handfuls of moringa leaves. For the first time in my life I had learnt how to deal with my constipation problem that I had suffered from over my lifetime.  Yes, 45 years of age and still didn’t know how to manage my body until this day. Sad but true! If it were for only this one reason that I consume Moringa I would already be on my knees.

It was maybe a month later when i realized that i wasn’t blinking my eyes every second anymore. That was weird!  I could keep my eyes open like for a long time and they wouldn’t burn. I still can’t believe that one. Moringa must have tons of vitamin A in it.

I got tired real quick of eating moringa leaves so i went to and bought myself encapsulating equipment and capsules. You can fill capsules very quickly. I bought a Vita Mix blender. (This thing kicks ass!)  A few screens to screen your product!  I now have an endless supply of GREEN raw food.

Over time as I consumed as much moringa as possible i started to realize the food value in it as well. I use to weigh 180 lbs and now I’m 160 lbs. I’m almost never hungry. I eat maybe half of what anyone else eats. I just don’t need it.

I have figured out that for me the best way to consume as much moringa as possible is to mix it with the rest of the food at meal times.  So if it’s breakfast time I’ll take 3 to 4 with my eggs and toast in the morning. Throughout the day if I eat something I’ll pop in 2 to 3.  At night time 2 to 3. Just all day long I keep shovelling them in, replacing all the crap I use to consume.

So bottom line is this: You can manage how often you want to take a crap and when. The really cool thing is too, that for me I’m healthy, so i never get diarrhoea. Ho, and you can throw away all those books in the bathroom because you won’t need them. OK, well enough of that. Here’s something that has been a lot of fun.


From the first 6 moringa trees, we have planted 1500 more around our property. We now have 24000 seeds ready for this year’s planting.  Approximately 2000 seeds per pound.  I’m pretty busy with different projects so that’s as far as I’ve got with my moringa project so far, but as we continue I want to make the perfect pill or tablet so we can eliminate the capsule. Just got to figure out how to stick it together in a good way.  If there’s anyone out there with some ideas, that would be nice.

My best friends are my dogs. Of course they refuse to eat like a cow. But not if you make a nice stir fry with just a bit of pig fat, they’ll fight over that plate.  That’s a good trick for the chickens as well.  A very real way to lower your food bill and keep your animals healthy. I keep 100 chickens. They eat a lot so this really helps. Ho ya, if you like humming birds at your door step with your morning coffee. They love moringa flowers.

Thank you God for the moringa tree.

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