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How to Grow Moringa by Direct Seeding

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In the previous post I shared about how to propagate moringa by sowing seeds in pots or bags and then transplanting.  In this article discussed growing moringa by direct seeding for commercial crops.

If you have no shortage of seeds, and you have adequate irrigation, and your climate is warm, then sowing the Moringa seeds directly into the soil is a good option for you.

  1. To speed up the germination soak the seeds overnight in water.  This allows the shell to soften
  2. In a raised and well drained soil, plant the seed 2 cm deep.  If the seeds are plentiful, you can sow two seeds in each hole, and remove the weaker seedling once they have grown about 30cm. (But do this carefully so as not to disturb the roots.)
  3. Alternatively, sow one seed per hole, and one the seeds have sprouted, sow extra seeds in the empty spaces.
  4. Wait 5 to 12 days for the seeds to sprout.
  5. Keep the soil watered but not too much.  The moringa will die if it gets waterlogged.

 In the NEXT post we will discuss PROPAGATING WITH CUTTINGS.

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