Fresh Moringa Leaves vs Moringa Leaf Powder

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IMG_3906-001Reasons for Fresh Moringa Leaves

I may get in trouble off some for saying this, but in my opinion, having your own moringa tree, and picking the fresh moringa leaves, is much better than buying Moringa supplements.

And in African countries where Moringa will grow, the most savvy thing to do is to encourage the people to grow their own trees and eat fresh leaves. I say this for a number of reasons:

  1. It is cheaper. Plant a tree or trees and your leaves are free. Depend on supplements, and you have to keep buying.
  2. Fresh moringa leaves taste much better than the powder.
  3. You still have the option of drying the leaves to use in cooking and to make tea.
  4. You can make your own powder if you really want to.
  5. Moringa trees also provide food for animals, and increases the milk supply in goats and cows.
  6. Moringa leaves make good fertilizer for the garden. It helps your other vegetables.
  7. The drumsticks (bean pods) are a good vegetable.
  8. It is drought resistant - food security when other crops fail.
  9. Planting a tree is planting a future.
  10. When it produces seeds, you can use the crushed seeds to purify water.


Reasons for Leaf Powder and Dried Leaves

On the other hand, Moringa Leaf Powder is extreme beneficial many cases. These include:

  1. When fresh moringa is not available.
  2. Especially for treating malnutrition and diseases as the nutrition content is more concentrate;
  3. Moringa powder can be added to cooking and baking, and provide a hidden source of nutrition.
  4. It is especially good nutrition supplement for athletes and those doing physical training.
  5. It can be used for beauty treatment, mixed with water as a face mask, or added as an ingredient to soap.
  6. Can be used as a nutrition supplement for animals.

So in summing up I would say, if you can GROW moringa trees, then do it. If you already have moringa growing, then pick the fresh leaves. Add them to you cooking in the last 5 minutes, or eat them straight or have them as a salad green. Add boiling water to make a tea on its own or with other tea leaves. This will be a multivitamin growing in your garden.

If you can’t grow moringa, then by all means buy moringa powder and tea.

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