Latin America - Moringa Mission

Our Mission:

To promote health and wellbeing in developing countries by growing and using moringa, and help poor communities become self-sufficient through ethical production and sale of their own moringa products.

Who We Are:

Moringa, also called the Miracle Tree, is one of God's superfoods which He has strategically planted in places in the world where its nutrients are needed most.

Moringa Connections was formed in late 2009 as a Facebook group.  We are a group who loves moringa and want to share this good news and alleviate much suffering in the world.  

In March 2016, the Moringa Connection Facebook group reached 5000 members.  We are thankful for all the members for making this an amazing group and helping it grow.  In February 2015 we had reached the 500 membership mark.  At the time, we thought that was pretty awesome. However, it is nothing compared to 2016. It took us 5 years to reach 500, but only 1 year to reach 5000.

Over the past year, we have seen:

  • Significant buying and selling within the group after adding “sell something” feature to the group.)

  • New moringa projects started, helping poor communities;  (See Projects)

  • Awareness of moringa's health benefits is growing in both developed and developing countries;

  • Ever increasing demand for moringa, especially the seeds and oil.

  • More members wanting to start moringa plantations - ever increasing demand for knowledge and funds to get started.


The Poor NEED Moringa:

One pastor in Kenya wrote this about the Moringa tree (also called the Miracle Tree)."Many people who need moringa don't have it, or don't know about it.... Its the same way all over the world, those who need moringa the most, where malnutrition is rife, where HIV is rife, where the sick can't afford nutrition don't know about it (even though they may have it nearby).”

And again: "The challenge is more people are turning away from herbal treatments because if conmen and witchcraft. We need to educate people that moringa is food. It's work!"


The World WANTS Moringa:

Moringa is a STAR!  Moringa increases in popularity around the world, and is haled among the world's top superfoods. They want moringa leaf products, and more than that, they want the moringa oil for numerous purposes, from costmetics to biofuel. The market is growing.

The danger is that many greedy people may try to use the opportunity to get rich and with no concern for the poor. But Moringa Connections is not interested in those who want to get rich.

The ETHICAL CHANGE we want to see:

  • Poor countries developing. (Our first priority is to help the poor, deal with malnutrition, fight disease, and provide clean water);
  • Transformed communities where every child is fed, all have shelter, a bed, clothes to wear, an education, and every child taught about Jesus.
  • Micro Enterprises developing, where women and youths earn an income to provide for themselves and their families.
  • Economies changing, where the repercussions of moringa being felt in the whole of society.

This can happen as we pray and trust in God for wisdom and direction. May our hearts be open to God and our hands reaching out in Jesus name. You and I can plant those seeds of change.

How We Can Make that Change:


  • Increase awareness of moringa;
  • Teach how to grow and use moringa.
  • Help establish moringa farming projects
  • Help establish production plants for leaves and seeds
  • Help establish small enterprises for making of end-user products;
  • Market bulk moringa and moringa products around the world;
  • Distribute moringa products to the poor.


  • Increase awareness of health benefits of moringa;
  • Wholesale trading of moringa. - connecting genuine buyers with genuine suppliers.
  • Find distributors of moringa products
  • Find investors for moringa projects.